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servicingT&H Power Products pride themselves on offering excellent levels of customer service and advice. Whatever your requirements, whatever your budget and whatever the application, our dedicated and personalised customer care service ensures that you will get the right tool for the job. We will even customise the machine to suit your needs. You’ll always find someone at the end of the line or behind the counter with the expertise to answer your questions and provide recommendations. Alternatively, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We offer lawnmower servicing to ensure that your machine runs smoothly all year round and look for signs of wear and tear, so parts can be replaced before they fail and cause unnecessary problems. Our servicing will allow that you will never have to worry about faults occurring with your equipment ever again as we are able to maintain your equipment to the highest standard. If you need servicing or any gardening equipment be sure to come and visit us in our showroom today.

To discuss service options, or to book your machine in for a service, call T&H Power Products today on 01704 894457.

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