We are only at the beginning of June but we are already way past our normal June rainfall amounts. Some customers have asked if too much rain is bad for the grass. While most of them are happy seeing their lawns so green without having to water their lawns, they have a right to be a little concerned

Here’s why:

When the soil under the grass becomes too saturated, oxygen cannot move quickly through it and it becomes difficult to maintain respiration in roots. This causes the roots to die. When temperatures increase, the situation becomes even worse.

And after just three days of wet conditions, it can affect growth and weaken grass, making it more susceptible to insects and diseases – another common lawn complaint. Once the rain stops and things begin to dry out, you may see some irregular patterns of brown and green in your lawn. This is because water damage will naturally kill the weaker plants before affecting the stronger ones.

Of course, if you have a situation where your grass is completely under water, turf injury is pretty likely. If the grass does not green up by the time the soil begins to dry out, it may be too late and you may have to reseed or resod the damaged areas. Depending on the forecast for the rest of the summer, repairing the damaged grass may have to wait until the fall when weather conditions are more favorable for reseeding and resodding.

So while homeowners are happy that they haven’t had to water their grass very much this season, they do need to be concerned that they are getting too much of a good thing.